The Bacco franchise network is specialized in the opening of wine bars wine bars all over the national territory.

Those who decide to join will get advice and constant support both in the planning phase besides after the opening of p.v.

The p.v. are designed and furnished to measure in collaboration with our experts and then prepared with everything necessary opening, first supplies included.

The p.v. will be appropriately advertised and the staff members trained.


  • design and construction of the store
  • Complete construction of the wine bar, which includes: bench, refrigerated display cases / heated, slicer, plate, dishes, glasses, cutting boards, knives, etc.
  • first supply of € 3,000
  • teaches
  • advertising and promotional materials
  • advertising online and in social networks
  • know how Bacchus Franchising and vocational training
  • training course for the administration of food and beverages
  • during HACCP
  • Full support for the opening of p.v.

The only effort required is to raise a 35/50 sqm commercial space in high pedestrian flow areas.

The investment required is € 20,000.

Funding opportunities.